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Build a Strong Team Culture

Build a Strong Team Culture

Author: Laurie Knafo/Tuesday, October 22, 2019/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, Workplace Issues, SNI Certes, Workplace Issues, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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As the saying goes, great managers are made, not born. They become great leaders by continually learning and growing and focusing on ways to improve themselves and their management style. Just as it’s important to learn how members of your team are unique and work the best, you need to hone in on your own skills and interests and what makes you uniquely valuable. In today’s blog, we focus on tailoring your approach to make your team feel valued which in turn will improve your company culture. We also discuss what you can be doing personally to inspire your team to achieve their personal best.

To build a strong team culture you need to make your team feel valued and learn how to manage people who are different then you are. It’s important to recognize that what makes one person feel valued will not work for another and to spend time learning what motivates each employee and apply methods unique to each individual. Just as some learn best visually, while others learn from listening, and others from doing, it’s important to tailor your approach to managing and motivating your team. You may have heard of the 5 different “love languages” and similarly there are different languages of appreciation in the workplace. Some people appreciate words of affirmation (such as praise for completing a project) while others like acts of service (such as helping an employee finish a task that’s keeping them from going home to their family). If you lead a large team, and aren’t able to specialize incentives to each individual, think about having various incentive programs for employees. Have the work team volunteer for a worthy cause, have reward trip incentives, praise your team verbally for their accomplishments, etc. Employing a one size fits all approach to management and motivation doesn’t work.

When thinking about inspiring your team and building a strong team culture it’s also important to look within and what you are doing each day to lead by example. Are you focused on your own personal growth and career development? Are you continually learning and expanding? In today’s day and age, information and tools on career growth is at your fingertips and there are so many various experts and teachers you can learn from. Sometimes something as simple as a listening to a podcast or audiobook on your commute to and from work can be a source of inspiration and knowledge. Think about what things you can do in your day to day life to be a more effective boss. Are there books you could read? How about attending a webinar or training event on a subject you can improve upon? Doing these things will not only improve your career but will lead you to be a better manager and help the career development of your team. Once you have implemented new changes personally, you can also share your knowledge with your team and lead them to their personal best.


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Laurie Knafo
Laurie Knafo

Laurie Knafo

Laurie Knafo is Regional Vice President for SNI. Her 30+ years in the recruiting business enable her to bring insightful counsel to companies and candidates looking to make the most out of their staffing relationships.

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Full biography

Laurie Knafo is Regional Vice President for SNI. Her 30+ years in the recruiting business enable her to bring insightful counsel to companies and candidates looking to make the most out of their staffing relationships.


57 comments on article "Build a Strong Team Culture"

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